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Online college writing courses

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These lectures will focus on the importance of the principles of the American Founding and the current assault on them by the Progressives. Politics The Presidency and the Constitution This course will help you understand the structure and function of executive power in the American constitutional order.

The course begins with the place of the president in the constitutionalism of the Founding Fathers and examines how that role has changed with the rise of the modern Progressive administrative state.

This course will explore major themes of The Federalist Papers, such as the problem of majority faction, separation of powers, and the three branches of government. Politics Winston Churchill and Statesmanship Winston Churchill was the greatest statesman of the twentieth century, and one of the greatest in all of history.

Politics Public Policy from a Constitutional Viewpoint The American Founders wrote a Constitution that established a government limited in size and scope.

By contrast, early Progressives rejected the notion of fixed limits on government, and their political descendants continue today to seek an ever-larger role for the federal bureaucracy.

In light of this ongoing disagreement over the purpose of government, this course will consider contemporary public policy issues from a constitutional viewpoint. Yet, judicial decisions have done much to advance a Progressive agenda that poses a fundamental threat to liberty.

How It Worked and Why It Doesn't To understand why our federal government today often seems broken, and to figure out how to fix it, one must first understand how Congress has been transformed over the past century.

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Online college writing courses

Online Courses & Credit By Exam You can earn credit at Excelsior College by completing online courses and/or by taking undergraduate subject exams.

Online Course Offerings Online courses at Excelsior provide you with a scheduled syllabus and are led by instructors with graduate degrees.

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Online college writing courses

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