Marketing plan phase three

Finding and fulfilling customer needs and then delivering suitable products or services are part of the marketing process. Analyze Before you can identify the needs of its potential customers, you have to take a look at your resources and capabilities, which may include funding, time and human resources.

Marketing plan phase three

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Marketing plan phase three

The marketing function looks at what market segments the company can access at low cost, studies the needs of the members of these target markets and evaluates how the company can satisfy the needs. A strategic marketing plan draws on the marketing function to support overall corporate goals.

If the company wants to grow, it orients the marketing strategy toward increasing sales. If it wants to increase profits, the marketing strategy aims to achieve higher sales margins. A strategic marketing plan is a tool that allows a company to work more effectively toward reaching its goals.

Components A strategic marketing plan includes details on the target markets, the products the company plans to offer, the ways in which the products will reach the target markets and the means by which the company will inform potential customers of the availability of the products.

The strategic orientation of the company directly affects how the marketing department carries out the work under each of these components. For example, if the company wants to create an image of environmental responsibility and sell green products to young professionals, this orientation impacts all the components of marketing.

Each phase of the strategic marketing plan has to support the overall company orientation. Analysis During the first phase of a strategic marketing plan, the marketing department analyzes the accessible markets and decides on the orientation of each component.

It may use techniques such as a SWOT analysis -- which measures strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats -- to help structure the investigation. It consults with other departments, such as production, to determine what initiatives are feasible and in keeping with the strategic direction of the company.

The analysis determines the contents of the strategic marketing plan and how it supports company goals.

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It specifies the products, the pricing, the promotions and the channels that the company will use to bring its products to market. Execution Once it is clear what marketing initiatives the company plans to carry out, the marketing department has to execute the strategic plan.

In this phase, the theoretical framework of the first phase is put into practice. Company resources identified during the planning stage are assigned to the campaign. The company ships products from the factory to the proposed retail outlets. The marketing department implements its pricing strategy, creates and runs ads, and issues promotional material according to the overall plan.

Evaluation During the final phase of a strategic marketing plan the company evaluates how effectively the plan performed. The evaluation focuses on the specific aspects of the plan and on the overall goals.

The company has to determine how well staff implemented the plan and make corresponding changes in its structure and tasks. It has to examine to what extent the plan supported and promoted the company's strategic goals and make corresponding changes in the orientation of the plan.

Corrective action during this phase helps ensure that the strategic marketing plan meets expectations.Phase 3 Marketing and Communications is a new kind of company. A marketing services firm that is changing the way companies connect with their customers through remarkable ideas and smart execution across integrated marketing channels.

Read my article, “Digital Marketing for Manufacturers: Making a Business Case” and download the accompanying webinar recording for more in-depth information on Phase I of an industrial marketing plan.


In the webinar, I also talk about why the traditional method of adding more sales people to increase sales that manufacturers and. United Methodist Communications helps The United Methodist Church tell the story of God's love through research, technology, and strategic communication.

Does your church have the funds, human resources, time and talents to pursue its goals? Rather, this is the point where your Marketing Team looks in the mirror and asks, "Can we do this?
Three Phases of a Strategic Marketing Plan | Your Business It can be easy to have a highly optimistic view about community perceptions of your church. To be fair, many churches are already seen in the most positive light by their communities.

The 3 Phases of a Marketing Plan Planning is part of the marketing process and one of the most important parts at that.

As your efforts unfold, you will begin to understand just how valuable it is to have a plan that keeps you focused and moving forward.

The 3 Phases of a Marketing Plan Planning is part of the marketing process and one of the most important parts at that. As your efforts unfold, you will begin to understand just how valuable it is to have a plan that keeps you focused and moving forward.

So, she entered her role as the shop’s marketing director when she first pitched a plan to turn around the shop’s marketing strategy.


The initial four-phase plan aimed to fix the shop’s poor social media presence, website and community involvement strategy.

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