Harm of plastic bags

Sinceplastics have played an omnipresent part of our daily lives. They are everywhere and globally we use more than million tons of plastic each year. Field studies have shown that mega- and macro-plastics have concentrated in the highest densities in the Northern Hemisphere, adjacent to urban areas, in enclosed seas and at water convergences.

Harm of plastic bags

Because the bags are made of natural and biodegradable materials, they can dissolve in water or naturally break down in the soil without harming the environment.

The biodegradable bags, which look just like plastic, were developed by a Qatar-based entrepreneur named Ashwath Hegde. They are manufactured by EnviGreen, a company founded by Hegde.

Harm of plastic bags

The Better India The company uses twelve ingredients to make the bag, including potato, tapioca, corn, natural starch, vegetable oil, banana, and flower oil.

Hegde designed these bags as an alternative to one-time use plastic bags — and with good reason. Plastic bags are causing environmental problems all over the world. Because plastic can not naturally decompose, the toxic chemicals remain on our earth forever; clogging our oceans with plastic and killing animals.

And scientists estimate that 5 trillion pieces of plastic are currently floating in our oceans, covering the ocean surface with piles of hazardous waste.

To fight against our toxic plastic problem, countries and cities across the world are banning the sale of plastic bags. Just last month, voters in California passed a proposition calling for the first statewide plastic bag ban in the US.

This ban followed in the footsteps of many US cities which have already adopted a plastic bag ban. In India, several states and cities have also banned plastic.

Harm of plastic bags

In an article from The Better IndiaHegde said that he hopes his environmentally friendly bags will provide an alternative to people in India who might not be able to afford cloth bags to carry their groceries.

According to Hegde, the bags cost less money to manufacture than cloth bags, and only slightly more than plastic. Times of India reports Hegde is aiming to start bringing the bags to stores in India starting January Please keep comments peaceful and family friendly.

Leave a reply Your email address will not be published.Members told media in east Africa that discarded plastic bags “pose a serious threat to the well-being of humans and animals alike.” According to .

Plastic Alternatives

Some plastic and marine debris comes from fishing gear, offshore oil and gas platforms, and ships. But 80 percent of it comes from the land—litter that gets stuck in storm drains and is washed into rivers and out to sea, the legal and illegal dumping of garbage and appliances, and plastic resin pellets inadvertently spilled and unloaded by plastic .

Plastic is a material made to last forever, yet 33 percent of all plastic - water bottles, bags and straws - are used just once and thrown away. Plastic cannot biodegrade; it breaks down into .

linear low density (lld) trash bags are strong, flexible and highly resistant to puncturing and tearing.

They are ideal for kitchen trash, construction debris or trash that includes glass, metal, wood, cardboard or irregular shaped items. Plastic is certainly a superhero when it comes to making life more convenient.

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But, for something that is supposed to be quick and convenient, there is nothing quick or convenient about the. S cientists in Norway found more than 30 plastic bags and other plastic waste inside the stomach of a whale stranded off the coast..

Wardens had put the whale down after realising it wasn't going.

Sperm whale: death by plastic bags