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TNPL uses automated process control facilities for various process till final packing and despatch. The TNPL using Enterprise resource planning ERP business management software to integrate all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, marketing etc.

TNPL uses a state-of-the-art sludge treatment system for treatment of Effluent water. The treated effluent water is used to irrigate about 1,acre 5. In accordance with the law, TNPL has embarked upon development of a plantation in the year and launched two plantation schemes, namely Farm Forestry and Captive Plantation.

Captive Plantation[ edit ] In the captive plantation scheme, Captive plantations are raised in the lands belonging to the Company, Government Departments, and Educational Edit papers online and in the large land-holding individuals on a revenue sharing basis or on a lease rental basis.

The land would be taken either on long term lease spanning over a period of 6 to 30 years lease or on a gross revenue sharing basis. In the revenue sharing pattern, if the plantation is raised in a barren land, the produce is shared between TNPL and the landowner on a In the case of lease mode, the lease rent for a barren land is Rs.

In the last five years of operation toTNPL has raised plantation in 37, acres The clonal production center was established at an outlay of about lakhs. This is considered to be a milestone in the plantation activities and assures quality planting material availability throughout the year The above plantation schemes are being implemented throughout Tamil Nadu through 10 regional offices in Karur, Manaparai, Tirunelveli, Karaikudi, Pudukottai, Namakkal, Trichy, Tanjore, Jayangondam and Panruti providing advice and technical assistance to tree growers.

This project is being implemented for raising acres 2. Solid waste management[ edit ] Fly ash generated at the power boilers is being sold to the cement plants Effluent sludge is being sold to the Board manufacturing units Lime sludge generated is being recycled in the Lime Kiln TNPL has obtained the prestigious ISO Certification from RMTUV, Germany for "Successfully establishing and applying environmental management system for development, manufacture and supply of paper".

TNPL has commissioned the Bio-methanation plant, which generates around m3 of biogas methane per day, to be used as fuel in the lime-kiln in replacement of furnace oil. The biogas e replaces around KL of furnace oil per day in the lime-kiln. During the yearthe bio- methanation plant generated The surplus power generated is being exported to the State Grid.

The entire power generated at the wind farm is being exported to the State Grid. The wind farm capacity has been enhanced to It has installed a Bio-methanation plant to generate methane gas from the effluent water bagasse wash water and use it as fuel as substitute for furnace oil in the lime kiln saving 10 KL of furnace oil every day.

During the year TNPL generated This project contributes to sustainable development in terms of generating in-house renewable energy and reducing green house gases. The most common Bagasse Wash Water BWW treatment system used in India consists of a pond or a lagoon treatment system, which undergoes anaerobic digestion that releases a significant amount of greenhouse gases GHG into the atmosphere.

In addition, the project also involves a system for utilization of extracted biogas which gained CDM benefits for the project from the closed reactor as fuel in a lime kilnwhich had been using furnace oil fossil fuel.

Controlled environment in which the BWW is treated will reduce strong odours being emitted from theputrescible and degradable components of BWW.

By recovering the resulting biogas in the form of CH4 and using it as a renewable in-house fuel for heating equipment, the project activity will contribute to the development of renewable sources as per India's Sustainable Development objectives.

The furnace oil which would be replaced by the biogas has a sulphur content of 3. This would result in the emission of sulphur dioxide SO2 gas which is responsible for acid rain. The use of domestically available biogas as an energy resource helps conserve foreign exchange, apart from creating local rural employment opportunities, by reducing the need to import fossil fuels to meet the country's growing energy requirements.

The seven WEGs have been installed in two phases. The second phase of the project has commenced operations in March By displacing the electricity from fossil fuel based electricity generating systems, average estimated GHG reduction from the project activity is expected to be tons CO2 per year.

Savings from CDM projects[ edit ] S. Methane Extraction and fuel conservation Project The Paradise Papers are a set of million confidential electronic documents relating to offshore investments that were leaked to the German reporters Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer from the newspaper Süddeutsche schwenkreis.com newspaper shared them with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, and a network of more than journalists.

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