Dance term paper

This 7 page paper looks at Ancient Greek and Roman music with a particular emphasis on the instruments they used. New research is shown to indicate that people who lived in earlier times were more sophisticated than once thought, even playing similar instruments and employing comparable techniques.

Dance term paper

Excerpt from Term Paper: Paul Taylor Since his first dance routine more than half a century ago, Paul Taylor has become one of the world 's most popular and respected choreographers. His works are performed by companies throughout the globe. Taylor has created more than dance pieces.

His style is unique and he is often seen as a distinctly American artist. He has developed what is very much his own style of dance -- a style that celebrates vigor, athleticism and strength -- making Taylor, in a very special sense, an American choreographer.

Biography of Paul Taylor Taylor has been responsible for the choreography of more than ninety performances with his own company, which has a distinguished history. The company has also performed in more than cites in the United States, as well as performances in over 39 overseas tours. His work is known not only for their originality but also for their "musicality and excitement.

Biographers refer to the fact that his childhood was difficult and he was often lonely and separated from his parents. His introduction to the arts was through his study of painting at Syracuse University. He later switched his attention to dance. This change, it is said, was initiated by partnering a classmate in the school 's modern dance club recital.

Powerfully built, he immediately captured the attention of dance giants Martha Graham, Jose Limon, and Doris Humphrey. This young dancer had a commanding presence, instinctive talent, and a unique way of moving. Taylor was invited to join the Martha Graham Dance Company, where he began his professional career.

He gradually became recognized as an original creator and choreographer, particularly with regard to one of his earliest works, entitled Three Epitaphs. While he was still a soloist with the Martha Graham Dance Company he presented his own works in various concerts throughout the United States and Europe.

Biography of Paul Taylor However, Taylor came into his own during the 's when New York became a major world cultural center. His work was also associated with exciting experimentation in other fields of art. He collaborated with artists such as Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns; he "shared their desire to bring the vernacular into high art, using gestures and stances from the street PBS Taylor was concerned with expressing the experiences and feelings of ordinary life and "in a number of his early pieces, Taylor composed dances of everyday gestures, such as checking a watch or waiting for a bus.

Once seen separated from their context, one can recognize the richness of these everyday movements. During this period he was also concerned with a more minimalist approach to his art. Later he was to combine the minimalist approach with ballet.

The pieces that were produced during this period were "Three Epitaphs""Orbs""The Book of Beasts"and "Airs" It is Taylor's combination of the subtlety of ballet with the spontaneity of everyday gesture that has made him such a powerful force in modern dance. As has been mentioned, central to works was the focus on the experiences of common human emotion.

The works that he produces are essentially about the way that people feel and interact in relation to the social intuitions around them.

The use of body language in his works includes a wide range of both physical motion and creative imagination.In this paper, the premise of the polka dance is founded through the historical and technical aspects of the dance that originated in central Europe in the 19th century.

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Dance term paper

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About The Paper Store This 7 page paper looks at Ancient Greek and Roman music with a particular emphasis on the instruments they used.

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