Capital structure arbitrage master thesis download

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Capital structure arbitrage master thesis download

Especially statistical arbitrage is explained in further detail and major performance measurement ratios are presented. In the second part, I am going to introduce a semi-variance model for statistical arbitrage.

The model is compared to the standard Garch model, which is so often used in daily option trading, derivate pricing and risk management. Because investment returns are not equally distributed over time, sources for statistical arbitrage occur.

The semi-variance model takes skewness into account and provides higher returns at lower volatility than the Garch model.

capital structure arbitrage master thesis download

The concept is aimed to be a synopsis of mean reversion and chart pattern detection. The computer model is generated with respect to Brownian motion and technical analysis and provides significant returns to the investment. As market efficiency hypothesis states the impossibility of arbitrage opportunities over the long run, on the other hand market anomalies significantly outstand.

Connecting both elements creates a profitable trading system. The combination of both approaches delivers a sensible hedge fund concept. The out-of-sample backtest verifies out-performance and implies the need for further research in the area of higher moment CAPM and additional market timing strategies as sources of statistical arbitrage.

In the second part a semi-variance model is compared to the Garch model. Its prediction power is stress tested and a backtest on the DAXIndex performed.

Therefore Value at Risk, Expected Shortfall and many other risk measurement ratios are taken into consideration. The appendix presents further ideas for research and possible expansions of the model. Hedge fund strategies overview Figure 2: Average hedge fund strategy returns as of Absolute-report Figure 3: Chart pattern conversion to binary code Figure 4: DAX-Chart from Figure 5: Negative and positive skew Figure 7: Historical DAX upper and lower semi-variance Figure 8: Garch and semi-variance-model in comparison.

Option spread strategy Figure Payoff-diagram of options spread strategy Figure Capital structure arbitrage and hedging involves taking long and short positions in different instruments and asset classes of a company’s capital structure, in particular between a .

Master Thesis Supervised by Dr. Klas Fregert Master of Science in Economics (Diamond, ) in which automation capital is taken into account in the production structure of the economy. The framework we use was first created by Gasteiger and Prettner () and we further develop it by adding a new feature: a pay-as-you-go Using the non.

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Capital Structure and Systematic Risk by Hamada. Models of Risk and Return. Bachelor Thesis in Finance On the robustness of the CAPM, The arbitrage theory of capital asset pricing.

Journal of economic theory, 13(3), • Shaikh, S. A. Testing Capital Asset Pricing Model on . What has the ability to download as being a thesis statement does writing thesis the dissertation the thesis proposal choosing the thesis. Semester. Deanna l.

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Investment thesis across all strategies is predicated on realization of a valuation discrepancy between the related credit instruments. Strategies may also include and utilize.

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