Betting on a muse

Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua all have casinos even though some are not licensed or otherwise regulated. If you stay in tourist-populated areas or where there are a good number of ex-pats, most of the casinos in the smaller Central American countries are perfectly safe and enjoyable to visit. The highly respected Princess International, with casino and hotel properties throughout the Caribbean and Europe, operates the largest casino in Belize City - the Princess Hotel and Casino. The Fantastic brand has a few nice gambling rooms in Guatemalathey are usually located on the upper floors of malls and shopping centers.

Betting on a muse

I made the funeral arrangements as a teen-ager in high school. She did not commit suicide," emphatically stated Perry Damone, the son of Vic Damone and the crooner's first wife, the late actress Pier Angeli, who had a long history of medical problems and was on prescription medication.

During their divorce a fierce custody battle took place with Pier Angeli taking Perry, who was named after Perry Como, to live in Rome, Italy where they resided until Perry was A biopic about Perry's mother is in the works called No Tomorrow centering on the three s words - salacious sex sells.

Corman apparently hasn't yet cast Dean and is angling for Marc Anthony to play Damone. We asked Perry if he knew anything about the project and his response was spirited. This kind Betting on a muse thing has happened in the past without the family being consulted. They stole everything from her - underwear - everything.

I don't oppose somebody writing about my mother, but they need to consult with the family. When something like this happens I am right on it. We just want to make sure that the story goes out the right way.

In my mind I don't mind a book or a story about my mother.

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But, you've got to talk to the family. If you're going to do a movie or a story you had better talk to the people who are involved," he reiterated. And, that's not right. They want to fly by the seat of their pants with outside information. This isn't the first time. This is like the 15th time we've had to face stuff like that.

November 26, 2009

Photo property of Perry Damone. The interesting story that nobody ever gets into is the custody battle in which Vic didn't hesitate to send a message that a father should have rights. That event altered the parental mind-set, opening up the legal morass to provide rights to fathers.

The issue is one parent deliberately removing a child to a different country, making it impossible or causing extreme hardship for the other parent to ever see the child again.

If the parent has ties to that foreign country the situation gets muddy. This is similar to what many women now are facing - especially women who married Saudi men. Now divorced, they discover their children taken to a foreign country, by the other parent who had nationality and family connections to that country.

When Damone and Angeli divorced the custody of Perry went to his mother, which was standard procedure. Co-parenting wasn't in the vocabulary.

When Angeli attempted to take Perry to Italy, Vic tried to stop her. The police stopped him.

Betting on a muse

What we said to Perry was: Had it not been for the heartache that your father went through, men today might not have many of the rights that they now possess. He took a stand in trying to be an active, participating father to you.

The stand he took was not popular, not easy on him, and some of the negative of that stayed with him for decades. He truly laid the groundwork for the freedoms today that men can exercise in saying - that is my child. It was Debbie who eventually convinced Pier to return to America.

Property of Perry Damone "Exactly," responded Perry. To the people who want to make this movie Perry stresses: Following her divorce from Damone she married Italian bandleader Armando Trovajoli and had a second son, Howard Andrew, giving Perry a half-brother. I am part of the first part of her life, then Andrew is the middle part of her life and I close it, because she died when we came back to California and I saw her in bed dead.

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What’s most telling is her outlook: her hopes, her dreams and ultimately her resignation. —, "Immigrants want what we have: the American Dream," 12 July gemologist relocated to louisiana for oaklawn announces $ million-plus expansion with construction of high-rise hotel, event center and expanded gaming area.

«La verità profonda, per fare qualunque cosa, per scrivere, per dipingere, sta nella semplicità. La vita è profonda nella sua semplicità.» (C. Bukowski, Hollywood, Hollywood!

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