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Margins are down over the past decade but have been rising over the past 18 months. AI is where Baidu can make ground given its longevity in this space. We have been trying to get long this stock for quite a while now but the technicals have remained weak.

Baidu list

Content against morals and ethics Malicious, trivial or spam-like content Personal facts Censorship[ edit ] Being in the jurisdiction of the Chinese government, Baidu is required to censor content on their encyclopedia in accordance to relevant governmental Baidu list.

All editors need to register accounts using their real names before editing, and administrators filter edits before they go public. Since the Chinese version of Wikipedia does not censor its own content, the government may block it while keeping Baidu Baike accessible.

At the top of the page the slogan "Let all humanity learn the world equally," as well as current information on the number of users and entries. On the bottom-left of the front page selected contents are presented; the bottom right contains announcements, plans and projects, etc.

The front page information usually includes current hot topics, often related to featured news. Beside those hot topics, there are also one-sentence summaries of the news.

Other than the front Baidu list, Baidu Baike also includes channels such as nature, culture, geography, and special topics such as core-users, digital museums, etc.

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Registration[ edit ] All editors need to register an account before editing, and administrators filter all but the simplest edits before they go public. Entries[ edit ] The entry pages of Baidu Baike include calling cards, texts, and other supporting information.

An earlier version allowed users to comment on pages, but this feature was removed after September Calling cards and texts[ edit ] Baike calling cards contain two parts - the description of an entry and the basic information.

The former is similar to the preface of an article, which provides a general introduction to the whole text; the latter uses a table to summarize basic information and statistics.

Both are edited separately from the main body of the article.

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The main texts are limited to 40 thousand bits, which is equivalent to 20 thousand Chinese characters. At the end of the article is the declaration of exemption.

The earlier version of the entry can only contain one image, but now 20 images and 20 albums can be included in an article. The entry can also link to a Baidu map, dynamic screenshots, and videos. Information cited is listed beneath the main text, which does not distinguish footnotes from other details.

However, the images cited do not specify the source, but contain image directories. Usually, supporting information is automatically generated by the system, with some edited by hand. Supporting information on the right of the page contains personal information, statistics, today in history, contribution of honor, current trends, and pop-links.

Statistics include the number of page views, the number of editors, latest updates, creators information, etc. Editors who contribute complex articles are also mentioned and honoured. The user recommendations section is used to collect feedback about the article. When an editor successfully completes a requested task, the editor receives experience points and a predetermined number of wealth points, which can be used to make purchases on Baidu.

Inthe names of the titles were changed from modern corporate sounding titles to titles reminiscent of the Chinese Imperial examination and Confucian scholarship. Baidu Baike also includes food recipes, film products, internet programs, and video games as well as its encyclopedic content.

However, unlike Chinese Wikipedia, Baidu Baike never gives a strict definition of the difference between an encyclopedia entry and a dictionary entry. There are also many explanations on diction and common phrases.

Baidu list

In addition to articles, Baidu Baike includes several special pages: Help, which provides terminologies, basic settings, regulations, user titles, etc. However, these are viewed as an encouragement for advanced users, and rarely does anyone have the privilege to make their own page.

The categorization is based on the characteristics of an entry but not the quality, [18] and there is no limit to categorization. Baidu Baike now has an elementary categorized page and tree. Part of the open categorization can be set according to levels, but catalogs having similar meaning can not be merged or redirected.

Numbers of entries[ edit ] According to the latest list of entries, Baidu Baike has an increase of about 3, entries per day. Here are some milestones:Baidu is a Chinese website and search engine that enables individuals to obtain information and find what they need.

Baidu list

This is an incomplete list of aftermarket distributions (custom firmware, custom ROM) of the Android operating system that have received independent coverage in notable Android-related list does not include distributions that come preinstalled on a device (stock ROM) or modifications of them.

Robin Li Yanhong, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu, is feeling pretty good about himself nowadays. One of China’s richest men with an estimated wealth of US$ billion. is a Chinese website which is hard to understand. But don’t despair any longer, I will tell you how to visit the Baidu-page in English.

Baidu, Inc. (BIDU) Ownership Summary provides a snapshot of institutional holdings and activity for a particular stock. The institutional holdings summary data encompasses the holdings and change from . download flash video from some major video sharing websites, such as,,,,, and and so on.

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