All the best

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All the best

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When we first started Thrasher's Wheat back inwe were feeling overwhelmed by the flood of Neil Young information on the Internet. Our original thinking at the time was to create a site for the busy reader. A Neil Young internet portal that one could go on occasion and check in on some interesting Neil Young reviews and opinions of concerts, albums and films.

It was never All the best to be an up to date official Neil news site or a bootlegs guide. More like a fan club page of research for Young scholarship on a PhD that keeps us searching for a heart of gold.

Another motivation for this site was a firm belief that Neil Young's work deserved the in depth critical analysis that is widely accorded to Bob Dylan.

All the best

It was this investigative research on the intersection of Bob Dylan's lyrics and Neil Young's music that jump started the core of Thrasher's Wheat's archives.

Aroundwe stopped updating Thrasher's Wheat due to time constraints.

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Also, we were experiencing some Neil burnout and weren't being particularly inspired by the music of the late '90's and early 21st century.

But love of Neil Young's music and lyrics has never diminished. His unique sound and style has become one that we have all grown to love.

Greendale is some of Neil's most interesting material since the Sleeps with Angels and Mirror Ball era, so we have been inspired to update Thrasher's Wheat for the first time in years and to celebrate Thrasher's 10 year anniversary of joining RUST.

Similarly, sometimes folks will say "Whatever happened to Neil Young? Well, just as Neil never went away and continues to make great music, Thrasher's Wheat is dedicated to satisfying that question.

So what you have is an archive of Neil Young and Crazy Horse information. What we're trying to do is archive some of the best writing on Neil that we find on the Internet. On a side note, it seems that some folks like to write about Trasher instead of Thrasher.

All the best

Just curious about this frequent typo? And another side note, someone recently pointed out when you click on a link on Thrasher's Wheat it becomes "purple words on a gray background. InThrasher's Wheat moved to its own domain.

So we'll see how this all works out. FWIW, we were born indown by the docks of the bays. As a student of everything esoteric, we have been searching for truth all of our lives, looking to make sense of all the beauty and insanity on this earth.

In that time, we have developed a holistic body here on Thrasher's Wheat from Neil Young's music and wisdom which links arts, science, philosophy and spirituality into a single framework of ever expanding understanding. We want to share what we have with the world, becoming teacher to some and student to all others.

Our goal is to help ourselves and others become better music lovers and truth seekers, and with the wisdom gained in the process, make this planet EARTH the paradise it was meant to be. We are just happy to give back to a world and universe that we have received so much from as "The Big Shift" approaches.

In the meantime, as Neil Young says: Keep on Rockin' and Be The Rain! Thrasher December 14, launch date Update 1:This unique clitoral stroking approach empowers YOU to give her the best multi-orgasmic pleasure she’s ever experienced and will reward YOU in ways you never imagined..

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The music of Neil Young, also known as the Godfather of Grunge and the second most influential singer-songwriter of the 20th 21st century still performing today, is traced from the rusted road to the human'll find everything you're looking for with Neil Young and Crazy.

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