A personal account of viewing the public inspection files of wodz for a final project on public inte


A personal account of viewing the public inspection files of wodz for a final project on public inte

Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Sicherheit, Frankfurt am Mainp. The data presented is only a slight fragment of knowledge about great chances and threats facing a human living in the 21st century.

A dichotomous character of the modern times should be presented — although we are better and better educated, we take even more risks during the weekend when this text was being written, the police stopped over drunk drivers on Polish roads ; though we possess newest technologies, more and more often we use them against one another for example cyber-bullying, hackers, cyber-crime ; though we allocate still more resources to prevention and healthcare, we observe more social pathologies, disorders and ill individuals.

A personal account of viewing the public inspection files of wodz for a final project on public inte

Thus, we ask — is the thesis that the picture of the contemporary world is the image of continuous failures of social, humanist and medical sciences justified? And, maybe, it is on the contrary — contemporary 2 Quoted after: In comparison to the year the number of divorces increased three times.

Education science in the era of acceleration It is also necessary to notice that the pace and scope of the social, economic and technological changes inhibit their research recognition and the afterthought over the process consequences.

Social and humanist sciences do not fully cope with this challenge. May the above presented remarks be related to the 7 Post-modernists have a specific, almost unprecedented so far attitude towards the truth. They proclaim far reaching doubt in possibility of recognition the truth about the human and the world essence and about the sense of existence.

The manifestation of this doubt is the process of human drifting apart from institutional religions and increasing malevolence towards worldview ideologies.

Between scientific study, lack of courage and absence Despite numerous critical remarks, social and humanist sciences have been developing dynamically, which is proven by a multitude of scientific publications, research, reports and debates.

What is more, these sciences, especially sociology, psychology and educational sciences provide reliable research of social trends, disorders, reports of social changes and also the state of social health. Last years, on the grounds of these sciences — outstanding works of timeless character were published — for instance output of Manuel Castells10, Darin Barney11, Charles Jonscher12, referring to digital technologies and the Internet influence on social life and human development; influence of mass media on social changes and new norms promotion by Jan van Dijk13; analyses of new and old risks influence on individuals, social groups and whole societies initiated by works of Urlich Beck14; studies of commercial societies and inappropriate understanding of freedom included in works of Erich Fromm; expressed on numerous planes, sociological studies by Anthony Giddens15; considerations over the place of a human in the world of growing meaning of technology and technique by Richard Barbrook16; already iconic research by Howard Becker over subculture changes, or influence of new consumption models on socio-economic changes and psychological contexts of human functioning by George Ritzer New research fields indicating interesting perspectives in perception of such realms as education in digital proceeds according to the same principles.

It happens with almost total passivity of the representatives of social and humanist sciences. Giddens, Socjologia, Warszawa And, still it is not a complete list. However, a question appears, which is the axis of the further discussion — if we know so much, if we so reliably project pitfalls of modernity — then why cannot we change the surrounding world in accordance with scientific indications?

This trend is getting more and more explicit, which we present in the following theses: As it seems there are two main reasons — the first is that most of social and humanist sciences function in their closed world, without any real impact on decision-making processes; the second — the main actors of changes especially the world of politics and influential managers not only do not take advantage of these sciences, but in the process of their own education they did not have opportunities of reliable studies in these fields.

It is the result of considerable trend to decrease the role of such sciences as philosophy, education science, psychology, anthropology or sociology in the process of educating the main players managing state mechanisms, regional and local ones. The decisive and increasing roles in these 18 19 G. For many a reader the above remark may sound unreliable, but in the Polish perspective it is empirically verified, for example: On the other hand, hermeticity of legal professions is the key source of multi-level clientelism, greed and lack of human, personal dimension recognition.

The objectionable insufficiencies of social and humanist education in many professions are, however, nothing in comparison with practice of absence of afterthought necessarily resulting from the great achievements of these sciences in such areas as early education and vocational education.

What if the educators have for years proved the faulty educational model, with special emphasis on an unfinished change connected with introduction of junior high school level, when the Polish Ministry of Education makes further errors, even these connected with educational supervision.

Rickety voices of protest, most often on the margins of local media or in professional press cause that these sciences — mainly educational science — play a diminishing role in shaping of social models.

Return to the real impact requires undertaking a sharp criticism of reality and this involves an inevitable conflict with authority, which according to the authors, the substantial part of the world of science is afraid of or, simply put, avoids it at all costsSearch the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Final verdict was in favor of Facebook. Comparison summary: “Facebook won the duel decisively. It is in nature a global services and has a lot more users than schwenkreis.com Users worldwide contribute to the development of this portal functionality, for example by creating the application.

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